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Understanding Dementia

The purpose of this educational activity is to provide the learner with knowledge regarding the effects of dementia on the older population and applying person-centered actions in responding to people experiencing dementia.


Additional Course Information

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this educational activity, the learner will be able to:

  1. Define dementia.
  2. Describe five (5) common signs and symptoms of dementia.
  3. Identify two (2) important concepts in the care
    of the person with dementia

Learning Outcome

At the completion of this educational activity, the learner will be able to demonstrate knowledge about dementia by passing a quiz with 85% or greater accuracy.


Linda Shubert, MSN, RN

Linda has 30 years of nursing experience working
with the older adult across rehabilitation, home health, geriatric case management, acute care, and long-term care settings. Linda has held a variety of clinical, teaching, and administrative positions including Director of Nursing and Staff Development Coordinator which introduced her to the regulatory climate of the long-term care industry. Linda is an
advocate for competency-based training for all employees to promote quality outcomes for the older adult in the long-term care setting.

Understanding Dementia - Healthcare Academy
Healthcare Academy

Understanding Dementia


Dementia impacts memory, thinking, language, and judgement in those affected by it.  Members of the healthcare team who are aware of the effects of dementia and apply person-centered actions for responding to residents will increase the quality of care for this population.

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