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Emotional Intelligence

The purpose of this educational activity is to enable the learner to define emotional intelligence and strategies for developing it.


Additional Course Information

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this educational activity, the learner will be able to:

  1. Identify four (4) different types of intelligence.
  2. Select the three (3) components of internal-focused emotional intelligence.
  3. Identify two (2) components of social-focused emotional intelligence.

Learning Outcome

At the completion of this educational activity, the learner will be able to demonstrate knowledge about emotional intelligence by passing a quiz with 85% or greater accuracy.


Diane Hinds, Ed. D

Diane Hinds helps individuals and organizations define their goals and achieve them. She has more than 30 years of experience in organization development, human resources, and executive level management. Her areas of expertise include: communications, strategic planning, coaching, team building, human resources, leadership, emotional intelligence, creative problem solving, and change management. She provides coaching, organization development consulting and management training to organizations across industries, including for profit, not for profit, healthcare, communities of faith, membership associations, educational institutions and governments. She has worked with organizations of all sizes, from single proprietors to large, international enterprises. She has worked with several organizations in the healthcare field, providing coaching and training on communication and leadership development. Dr. Hinds has served as adjunct faculty for the University of St. Thomas, Concordia University, and St. Catherine University.

Emotional Intelligence - Healthcare Academy
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Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence (EI) is a skill associated with many positive impacts and implications for developing a healthy work environment and improved employee retention. This educational activity will identify the benefits of EI and strategies for leaders, supervisors, and managers to increase their own emotion intelligence level.

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